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Who We Are

FocusPoint has established distribution, origination, and project management teams that have successfully raised capital in private markets for over 20 years. Since 2010, FocusPoint has participated with General Partner clients and closed on over $10 billion for a variety of third-party fundraising assignments.

We incorporate a rigorous due diligence process to identify and select managers that address specific opportunities throughout various market cycles. We seek to form long-term partnerships with our institutional clients by carefully selecting managers who offer distinctive and compelling investment strategies.


Focus On Select mandates

The firm generally focuses on up to 8 to 10 mandates at any one time to ensure each manager receives individualized attention to complete a successful capital raise. FocusPoint generally works with managers who are raising funds in the $200 million to $2 billion range.

Pattern Recognition

We have met thousands of talented management teams and investment professionals over many market cycles, and through a collaborative process, we are able to identify high quality teams that will get funded.

Managing the Process

Capital Raise

Develop marketing strategy

Coordinate investor road show

General partner presentation training

Structure & Diligence

Advise on fund structure and terms

Competitive landscape assessment and fund positioning

Extensive reference calls

Sales Collateral

Develop teaser and fund presentation

Private placement memorandum and supplements

Due diligence questionnaire

Virtual data room


The Trilogy 

There are three distinct market participants that are continually changing and evolving. FocusPoint's distribution team understands this universe and carefully crafts its message to each select group. We execute this process with Rhythm and Repetition. 

FocusPoint's distribution capability directly extends to endowments, foundations, corporate and public pension funds, ultra-high net worth families, sovereign wealth funds, and other institutional investors throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. For over two decades, our team of professionals has been dedicated to developing, fostering and transacting with these institutional and institutional-type relationships.



Management Team

Individual accomplishments prior firms

Tenure and stability

Personal commitment to fund

Compensation structure

Consistent, culture, decision making, core values

Acknowledges and learns from mistakes

On and off-market references


Track Record

IRR and MOIC analysis


Relevance of prior experience to current strategy

Portfolio company analysis

Investment committee memo review

Experience in up and down markets

Market Opportunity


Prospective market size

Macroeconomic trends and developments

New allocations or substitution


Investment thesis for prevailing market environment

Repeatable process with competitive edge

Identified investor in strategy


Deep knowledge / networks in areas of focus

Focus on business improvement vs. investment bankers