Job Openings

Company Description

FocusPoint has established distribution, origination, and project management teams that have successfully raised capital in private markets for over 20 years.  Since 2010, FocusPoint has participated with General Partner clients and closed on over $4 billion for a variety of third-party fundraising assignments. We are looking for highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals that have an interest in learning more about the Advisory and Private Placement Capital Raising industry. This is an excellent opportunity to gain exposure to the sales, marketing, and data functions within the financial services industry. 



• Work through modeling/calculations to provide a quantitative view on opportunities
• Be able to prepare and put together compelling fundraising materials like the PPM, DDQ, and Investor Presentations
• Daily client interaction with senior private equity firm executives 
• Constant communication with the Distribution team to coordinate and track the fundraising process
• Being “in the know” of all roadshow calendars, meetings, and details to communicate internally as well as on paper
• Gain industry and organizational knowledge through daily business interactions and job assignments



• Strong multi-tasking capability and ability to manage multiple sales reps
• Independent thinker that can take initiative to solve a problem without 
  significant direction
• Attention to detail will be critical for success in this role
• Strong organizational, analytical and communication skills
• Proficiency in Excel, and can write in a professional manner
• Highly motivated work ethic and a commitment to a rapidly-moving,
  entrepreneurial environment
• Familiarity with CRM tools would be beneficial to getting a leg-up 


Education/Experience Requirements

• Strong desire to gain further understanding of the Private Placement
  Capital Raising industry
• 4 year Bachelor’s degree
• Minimum GPA requirement of 3.4
• At least one year of financial experience/banking background preferred


All interested candidates should email a resume and cover letter.