FocusPoint Recommends Space Reading


FocusPoint works with a unique set of GPs focused across diverse sectors. We have recently begun fundraising for a venture capital firm raising its first fund with investments in high-growth start-up business in the Space Industry. The Space industry has been rapidly growing, and is expected to continue, tripling in size in the next two years.  This is an excellent time to gain exposure to a fund in this sector. Recent publications pertaining to the Space Industry are set forth below.



This book focuses on key entrepreneurs in the space industry who have a strong conviction that commercial space transportation will transform our world for the better. Key narratives include Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, among others including Richard Branson and Greg Wyler.  



The report outlines the significant investments that have been made in space start-ups, the strong and growing VC interest in space, and space unicorns like OneWeb, Planet and Rocketlab which have joined SpaceX in commanding a valuation greater than $1B.




“Falling launch costs, improvements in satellite technology and growing levels of private funding are turning space into an industry ripe for disruption” This article takes a look at the growing interest of Venture Capital firms investing in the space industry. 



THE NEW SPACE AGE (BLOOMBERG) – July 30, 2018 Issue

This edition of Bloomberg Businessweek takes a look at the space industry being much more accessible and the work being done by renowned companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin as well as other start-up businesses.



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